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What's the difference between traditional and digital impressions of your teeth?

The traditional way of taking a dental impression can be rather uncomfortable and messy. As a dental patient, you have to endure the application and setting of a lot of gooey rubbery PVS material all over your teeth for up to 20 minutes. All the while, you may experience unpleasant sensations such as gagging & choking.

From there, your dentist has to cast a mould of this impression to assist with the design of your specific smile makeover treatment. This can take days or weeks to complete. As a result of this delay, you’ll need to come back for a 2nd or 3rd visit.

On the other hand, digital scanning simplifies the dental impression process and reduces the turnaround time to just a few short minutes. This is achieved with a small wand-like tool called an intraoral digital scanner. The intraoral scanner takes a 3D impression of your teeth and oral cavity using laser light. You can even watch the 3D model of your teeth being generated on screen with each pass of the wand until a highly accurate 3D model is complete.

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ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHTM OP300 Maxio follows the OP product family legacy of patient care. OP300 Maxio utilizes familiar stable and open patient positioning as well as two-dimensional SMARTVIEWTM Scout images and motorized chinrest for precise FOV positioning. Imaging values are optimized for each imaging program and the resolution can be selected according to the indication.

Low Dose Technology™ ( LDT )

Low Dose Technology™ function provides quality images optimized for a very low dose. This technology provides low dose scans for sensitive cases such as children, follow-up imaging or implant planning while maintaining clinical value. All FOV sizes have the possibility for low dose imaging.

Automatic Dose Control (ADC)

User-selectable ADC adaptively regulates panoramic exposure levels to each individual patient, during every acquisition to optimize the dosage patient- specifically.

CBCT machine

Radiation reduction with Low Dose Technology™.
The innovative Low Dose Technology™ (LDT) of the KaVo OP 3D Pro enables optimised quality in 3D X-ray images with a lower dose of radiation. For dose sensitive cases in particular, such as follow-up exposures or exposures of children, radiation reduction for protecting your patients represents indispensable added value.

Please note that any fillings present on front teeth would have to be redone as filling materials do not get bleached. So, consult the dentist for a better and predictable smile!

Automatic adjustment of the radiation dose in exposures.

ADC for 2D and 3D
Proprietary ADC technology automatically optimises panoramic and 3D exposure levels for each patient and every acquisition, resulting in patient-specific dosage and enhanced workflow efficiency.
Automatic Spine Compensation optimises the image quality through a dosage adjustment around the spine area.
At cephalometric images the Automatic Facial Contour (AFC) decreases exposure factors in the facial soft tissue region to provide improved visibility of soft tissue tracing points in addition to a reduction in patient dose.
ORTH focus
For consistent panoranic image quality the ORTHOfocus™ feature obtains optimum image layer automatically enabling forgiving patient positioning.

SiroLaser – Laser technology for you

Gentle treatment and quick healing with the power of light

Labial and lingual frenula

In pediatric dentistry, SiroLaser removes interfering ligaments seconds – without bleeding and virtually pain-free!

Root canal treatment

SiroLaser reduces the bacteria in the root canal without you even noticing it – gently and thoroughly!ring ligaments seconds – without bleeding and virtually pain-free!

Herpes and aphthous ulcers

SiroLaser promotes the healing process!!

Periodontitis treatment

SiroLaser removes bacteria in diseased gingival pockets gently and safely!

Fast healing

SiroLaser improves and accelerates tissue regeneration!

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